The Home-based Cattery for "Lo Zaffiro's Thais"

Pets , especially cats, have always been very important in my life, but it was a series of coincidences that led me to breed Thais. Anyone who knows and loves the "old style Siamese" now renamed "Thai", cannot change their opinion about this breed, not only because of its heart-breaking appearance but also for its unique personality.

In fact, this is its 'winning card'.
Anyone who has had the good luck to own a Thai cannot get the cat out of his mind.
This is the first thing I hear, when I meet someone who has had a Thai.
The Thai is the cat which is most similar to a dog . A Thai is easy to keep on a leash ,
he loves his family, everything they do and say crosses his mind, so he is known as a 'talking cat'.
Thais love to travel, to follow their family they will go to the end of the earth ,
so it is not unusual to hear about people who take their cat on holiday with them and no problems arise, just like a dog. This cat is a real partner for life, in every way, according to his long-life:
it's about 18-20 years!

Living at the Cattery today there are:

LISA the first Italian World Champion;
FLO’, European Great Champion and Lisa's daughter;
DULCINEA Great International Champion;
ANNUSHKA the second Italian World Champion;
MUSCHIO World Champion and the only male of the cattery.
MATILDE Great European Champion and another daughter of Lisa;
The most recent arrivals are the lovely Eu.Ch. NAOMI,Eu.Ch. ORIANNE , Noemi's daughter
and the new male kitten Eu.Ch. HAPPY !
Kittens are available in various colors: Seal points , blue points , Chocolate points , Tortie points , Red points and occasionally Tabby points .

Click here to view my Cattery's Thais,
availables for adoptions, in search for a new home!

Home-based Cattery "I Thai dello Zaffiro" of Chiara Grube
via S. Agata n. 4 Roncaro (PV) Tel. 0382-953314


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