W. CH.
Lo Zaffiro's Lisa

Colour: seal point
Title : World Champion
(the first in Italy!)
Date of birth : 20.08.1996
Parents: founder of lineage

Lisa is the most elderly Queen I have and it's almost 8 years we live together!
Lisa is , and she' ll be for ever , my first love , "the apple of my eye" as my husband says; she is an aristocratical cat , she behaves like as World Champion as she is : she's a real Queen!
Also Lisa is the outstanding Queen , but the exactly way to describe her is " leader " : in fact the other cats don't need to compare with her , just a look in enough , she's superior! Other cats , (and dogs!) , aren't afraid of her , she inspires respect .
Lisa gave me great gladness : she's a marvellous and quiet mother , she always wants me and my help every time she has a litter , even if she needn't ; so she doen't kitten if I'm not with her!
Last year Lisa and her kittens made a photographic service , you may see some photos on my site ; she has allowed to photograph kittens and she trusted me so much she nursed them!
Between Lisa and me there's a unique and symbiotic bond ; we may stay distant for a few days , but I need to come back home to see her .
It's impossible to decribe my love for Lisa in a few words!!

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