About us

"Lo Zaffiro's Thais" it's an Home-based cattery, where cats are bred at home with love, passion and care.
I'm Chiara Grube and I'm the President of the International Thai Cats Federation for Italy .
My cattery is recognized by WCF , in Italy by : A.F.e.F. , F.I.A.F. , S.C.C. , A.F.I. .
I began to breed Thai cats in a flat in Milan, and later I moved to Roncaro (Pavia), where I have a small house and you can it is made to measure for my cats.

Here I live with my husband ,David, and Lisa, Flò ,Dulcinea, Annushka, Muschio, Matilde, Pimpa e Vicky, my Thais .Then there is also Pigy, my neutered cream persian; the feline family is large,together with Ruga the turtle and Gismo, a lovely dog who lives in perfect harmony with my feline friends!
There was Topa,a lilac female mice,and Yanka,but they had gone at the firsts of this year.

Last arrived are Happy, a sweet Seal point male kitten and Naomi, a beautiful Blue Point female,
and Orianne, a wonderful Tortie points. I pay special attention to the cats bloodlines so as to strengthen and fortify the kittens. Otherwise there is the danger that the breed will be impoverished and this would lead to a hereditary weakness.

Our Goals are:

There's no cat more beautiful than an healty cat!

  • To preserve the Thai cat from the danger of extinction, to develop this breed so that it becomes better-known, loved and esteemed!
  • To give our kittens all the care they need, and to ensure a healthy genetic lineage. In our Cattery each member of a lineage is tested for Fiv (Feline immunodeficiency virus) and for Felv (Feline leukaemia virus). In addition to this, each cat has a microchip of its pedigree to guarantee its genealogy and origin.
  • To look after our kittens from their birth to their adoption with love. We take care of our cats every need.
  • To breed Thai cats which are healthy and have good personality and aesthetic traits. We pay special attention to the cats' relationships with humans and with other pets such as with Grismo and Yanka!


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