Allevamento riconosciuto WCF e TICA
Cattery recognized by WCF & TICA

Lo Zaffiro's Thais

Setting up my Cattery came by chance as was the arrival of my first Thai-breed cat. Lisa arrived at my house because my friend's cat had a litter. Having a "Siamese" cat
(see The Thai), had always been one of my dreams, so I readily jumped at the chance of having Lisa and giving Lisa a family.

In the fall 1996,a little after Lisa's arrival I went to a feline expo for the first time and going round the cages, I noticed that there wasn't even one like my Lisa:

Then , while I was finishing my visit , thinking of the cats in their cages , I heard the speaker announce that a 'new' breed had been recognized and as the speaker spoke I realized that he was speaking of Lisa's breed.

My Home based Cattery

Why you should choose your own cat at my Home-based Cattery?

  • So you can be sure you are adopting a healthy cat which has had all the necessary vaccinations
  • To have a Pedigree to certify the kitten's genealogy,
  • To have a microchip to identify your cat
    and so it can be traced easily and quickly should it stray.
  • Because in an Home-based Cattery your little friend is cared with love
    from his birth to the weaning,at the age of three monts,
    when he can be handed to his new owner with a valid transfer of ownership.
    Furthermore you can meet momcat and father of your kitten!

1th Classified Absolute
The Award!

Muschio & Annushka
World Champion!


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