Lo Zaffiro's Matilde

Title : Great European Champion
Colour : seal point
Date of birth: 2.10.2002
Father: GR. INT. CH.
Lo Zaffiro's Cherry Cat's Darius
Mother: W. CH.
Lo Zaffiro's Lisa

Matilde is one of the most beautiful seal point female
cat I've ever had , born in my cattery , as she is the shrewder!
Since she was kitten , she understood how the world goes ;
she wanted to live with me , so everytime someone came to my home to visit her when she was kitten , she fled away...
She was the invisible cat!
Since she became a Queen , she understood foreigners aren't dangerous anymore , so she's more effusive!
But she's still a good actress, so when she decides she doesn't want to make a thing , she plays many characters :
The sad sick cat , the timid cat , the stressed cat and her favourite , the ghost Queen!
She's capricious like a Diva!

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