Thai's characteristics

The Thai is a unique cat , to know it better it's a very important thing! !

Thai's character

The Thai is an only cat, to know it better is always important! The character Above all , the Thai chooses a person of the family to which becomes attached itself in a particular way, for which he becomes an inseparable companion, a shadow that accompanies its partner around the house and not only! The Thai is naturally chatterer and so he is a good company, so he's also called "talking cat". The Thai demonstrates its affection in much expansive ways: it is always in someone's arms, or coiled up on someone or the shoulders, from which it dominates better each situation. He is well in company with the dogs and with children from which one lets to make everything to him; the female is more active of the male even if both are dynamic cats. The Thai is trainable cat, so you can learn him to go with the leash! It does not love the lonlyness, and it wants to be to the center of the attention. However with one caress it returns quickly of good humor. He's active, lively and he loves to play ,but isn't a violent a cat and so he's adapted also to the smaller children from which he tolerates patiently also excessive manipulations. Thais can have a close bond with other animals of the house, above all if they's accustomed from small, but they can become gelous of the master at the presence of other cats . It loves the comforts and it fears the cold because the short hair, so he's adapted to one life in apartment. Also being a cat of small weight has nails very developed and he needs a tree to sharpen them, to this trees they are become accustomed in a hurry, in order to save of house furnitures! She is not normally a good hunter, above all if removed the mother too much soon.

The Thai
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